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Preparing your workplace for returning employees

Our aim to help your business

At Move Management we’re looking at helping businesses get back to work. We know that the offices won’t be the same as before the pandemic. We also know that more people will be working from home, but we are working with more and more companies to get offices reconfigured for workforces to return as quickly, efficiently and as safely as possible.

Reconfiguring your office space post COVID-19

With a wealth of experience and expertise at our disposal to move, decommission and recommission desktop equipment and servers we can help make your new office plan a reality, whilst minimising downtime. Move Management offers a full cabling service, network configuration, floor box moves and technical support. With the advised social distancing requirements, we can help implement safe and sensible strategies like moving desks apart, removing chairs, desk partitioning and adding Perspex barriers to maximise your workflow requirements and keep your employees safe.

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Downsizing premises due to employees remaining at home?

Are the majority, of a significant part of your workforce staying at home for work or coming into the office part-time? There may be no need for you to be sticking in the same office any longer. At Move Management, we can help your business downsize premises with our expert knowledge and experience. We can cover the entire project from a relocation, an IT installation, office furniture and full move management perspective.

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