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5 reasons to choose up-cycled furniture and effects

Restoring furniture and effects is a great way to transform any space.

At Move Management – as well as removals and clearances – we buy, restore and sell used office furniture and effects after giving them a new lease of life.

If your unwanted items are looking a little worse for wear, we have the facilities to fix them and up transform them into something new. We first check the condition of the items and make repairs as needed, then with vinyl wrapping and spraying we refresh and restore the items giving them a completely new look.

So whether you’re moving to a new location or want to freshen up your existing workplace, there are many reasons why choosing up-cycled furniture and effects over buying brand new is beneficial.

  1. Style. When you think of up-cycled furniture, you may think of items having a more rustic or homemade look, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Professional vinyl wrapping and spraying can make restored furniture look like brand new executive furniture. Whether it’s to kit out a new office or classroom, items can look sleek, high-end and professional and most importantly, as new.
  2. Simplicity. If you’re considering upgrading your existing office furniture and effects over buying brand new – then even better. You know the items already fit the space you have and the measurements are right, but given a fresh new look your items will transform the space with a completely new feel.
  3. Specific. Restoring furniture is like a working with a blank canvas. Items can be redesigned and resized completely bespoke to your needs, colour scheme or style. So if you want your L-shaped office desks made into 2 smaller desks, or wish your tables and chairs matched the new colour scheme – then no problem.
  4. Savvy. It’s ever-increasingly important for businesses to be environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. By buying up-cycled second hand furniture or having your existing furniture refreshed the environmental benefits are huge. You minimise the amount of waste going to landfill which reduces your C2O and methane emissions, whilst also reducing the need for production of new materials – therefore reducing air and water pollution and producing less greenhouse gases. You can’t argue with that.
  5. Save. Also hugely important for any business; you save money. Quite simply, it’s more cost effective to buy up-cycled furniture and effects or up-cycle your own office furniture over buying brand new. That’s why so many businesses and individuals are increasingly doing so.

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