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We can produce detailed floor layouts and workflow/workshop layouts to the exact specifications required by each client and their particular line of industry.

These can be office personal layouts to detail where each individual will sit and where each cabinet computer or any other item is required to be positioned within the required new layout.

With a workshop or workflow layout, these are very useful to assist in the streamlining and smooth flow of any business function.

Layouts/drawing can be done to the exact scale of the new floor and wall space available and the exact scale of each item that needs to be relocated or re-positioned.

Space & Floor Planning

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Space & Floor Planning
  • Recycling
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  • Clearance Works
  • Buying & Selling of Unwanted Effects
Space & Floor Planning
  • We have been contracted on a number of occasions to relocate sports equipments and classroom teaching equipment for the College including storing a wide range of College effects for over 8 months at our secure storage facility in Telford, all effects were returned to site and positioned as required once the refurbishment had been completed.

    Telford New College – Shropshire

  • We were contracted to undertake to undertake the relocation from the beacon Centre in Stafford to the main University Campus at Stafford during a weekend period, the relocation was for the administration staff and needed to be completed by close of play on the Sunday of the weekend, this was done to the satisfaction of the client.

    Staffordshire University

  • We were contracted by the hospital to remove and store the complete contents of 29 private wards whilst the Hospital underwent a refurbishment program, the contents were removed from site and taken to our secure storage facility at Manchester which they remained in store for approximately 3 months and then we returned all effects to the newly refurbished rooms and placed the furniture and equipment as required ready for patient occupation.

    Alexandra Hospital – Cheadle, Cheshire