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We undertake a huge variety of Project and Move Management roles for a wide range of clients throughout the UK.

We employ a number of specifically selected experienced Project & Move Managers operating to PRINCE 2 project management processes.

All our managers operate on a remote basis capable of working anywhere within the UK.

Pre-Planning the Organisations Relocation

Understanding what an organisation wants to achieve is paramount to developing a move strategy and relocation plan. Our management team work closely with the client to formulate a detailed relocation schedule to list all tasks, deadlines, milestones and critical deadlines.

Minimising the Clients Involvement

Our expertise enables the client and their staff to stay focused on their day job, with the minimum of involvement whilst still being in control during the pre-planning stages and actual physical process procedures.

We take detailed briefings from the clients nominated management team, then produce the required Move Plan and relocation schedule, which is usually centred around the organisations workload, to minimise their direct involvement whilst the relocations are being undertaken.

We also produce a relocation help guide for all personnel and employees, to assist in their transition to their new environments, these are specifically tailored to each clients requirements.

Tender Specification and Evaluation

We can produce contract specific Tender documents, PQQ’s and evaluate all received specification to ensure the client receives the best practice and the most competitive advantage to surpass their project requirements.

Move Management
Electronic Communications

We have the capabilities to work remotely, all documentation produced during the pre-planning stages is copied electronically to the clients key management team utilising our external domain server system, regular updates and input from the team are addressed and acted upon accordingly with the prior approval from the clients key management team.

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