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During the February half term, Move Management Asset Removals completed the full recycling and clearance of Buglawton Hall School.

The former country house – dating back to the 16th Century – had been used as a boy’s residential school from 2011, owned by Manchester City Council. This project saw the closure of the school and it’s various living quarters.

Over just two and half days, Move Management Asset Removals successfully cleared the entire site, selling on a whole range of items for the school including classroom and bedroom furniture, Smartboards, white goods, commercial catering equipment, sports gear, sofas, electronics, woodwork equipment and a portacabin – amongst other items.

Donations of sleeping bags and camp bed equipment were donated to a local homeless charity.

This process minimised the amount of waste going to landfill and reduced the school’s carbon footprint.

MMAR also recycled over two tonnes of scrap metal from the site, which reduces CO2 emissions by 80% when compared to making steel from raw materials. The total project saved large amounts of harmful emissions from entering the environment too, making the total project green and efficient.

By recycling with Move Management AR, Buglawton Hall School saved;

  • 3.6 tonnes of CO2 from entering the environment1
  • 1 tonne of methane from entering the environment


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