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10 quick office packing tips

If your company is about to go through an office relocation, when factoring in time for packing and unpacking as well as the move itself, you might be worried the process will affect your work pace.

At Move Management Asset Removals, we’re used to carrying out quick and efficient business moves and have developed these clever packing tips to make your office move as smooth and seamless as possible, minimizing delays and getting you settled and back to work at your new desk much quicker.

  • Downsize first – Take some time to de-clutter and get rid of all the things you don’t want anymore, it makes both packing and unpacking much quicker and easier, and reduces clutter when you get to your new office.
  • Least used rooms go first – Start packing up the least used areas first. Items in the boardroom, store cupboard or the post room are probably used less than your desk, so packing these up first will minimise the disruption of your everyday work.
  • Packing drawer and cabinet contents – it’s important to empty your desk, drawers and most cabinets completely to ensure no damage is caused. Pack larger items in crates or boxes, and smaller items such as paperclips, post-its and staples etc into a sealable bag. You can place the bag in the crate or tape to the inside of the drawer making unpacking much easier and keeping your drawer contents all in one place.
  • Notice boards – To avoid losing important posters and notices remove them and keep them in a plastic wallet or folder and keep all the pins and tacks safely stored with them in a small sealable bag.
  • Picture frames – Pack pictures and frames together in the same box, with paper or bubble wrap between to protect them during moving.
  • Label your crates – Labeling saves so much time during a move. Clearly label your crates with their destination in your new office for a much smoother transition. If you have lots of crates, it might help to write the contents on the box, or number them and keep a list of contents so you know where everything is. Don’t forget to mark boxes that are fragile.
  • Labelling furniture – label the destination with strong sticky labels that won’t fall off. You can also add the position you’d like them to go to in the new room to ensure the removal team position them in the correct place.
  • Secure – Pack confidential material and legal papers or other important documents into a clearly labelled crate sealed with a secure seal for maximum security.

All of the packing materials mentioned here can be supplied by Move Management Asset Removals to ensure a smart, smooth and seamless transition.

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