Clearance of Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Move Management Asset Removals recently completed a full recycling and clearance project at Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK.

The project involved the removal, selling and recycling of over 1100 items from the plant, including machinery, steel jigs, conveyor belts and other items, totalling approximately 182 tonnes – mainly made up of steel and aluminium. The project took place between February – April 2018.

Over the two-month contract, Move Management Asset Removals successfully cleared the appointed plant, reselling items for Toyota where possible, recycling the remainder and fully minimising waste, reducing CO2 emissions by 80% when compared to making steel from raw materials. The total project saved huge amounts of harmful emissions from entering the environment too, making the total project completely green and efficient with great savings.

By recycling with Move Management AR, Toyota saved;
  • 334 tonnes of CO2 from entering the environment
  • 89 tonnes of methane from entering the environment
  • 5.2 tonnes of bauxite (the raw material from which aluminium is made) from entering the environment